Stefan Fischer

I am Stefan Fischer, a founding member of „The Brick-Collective“. I discovered Lego for myselfs at the age of about 8 years, when my brother (3 years younger) sat at home and built a small yellow City vehicle (6530). With this, the “disaster” has taken its course. Until around 1997 we collected Lego. From this point on the so-called „Dark Ages“ began and didn’t sell anything, we are not crazy, after all, haha. In 2010 I started collecting again for a short time, during which I almost completed my Lego space collection. Then I continued with technology. At the end of 2015, I got to Star Wars because the 75060 and 75095 were shown in the catalogue. These sets started my “modest“ Star Wars collection. I only started creating stickers for a single reason: I needed a replacement and had bought it from a private person. Well, what can I say, the print of the stickers was simply of poor quality, they have discolored after a short time. So I thought to myself that I could make them myself. At the beginning, I had a partner who created them according to my specifications. And the print was always rather moderate. After fixing the printer (it was well over ten years old) the prints finally were really neat. Unfortunately, my partner no longer felt like participating and so I bought the software myself, found a new printing studio (thanks to my colleague for the tip) and off it went. I have to say that it is going really well, and it also takes on a dynamic that I did not quite expect (in a positive sense). I can sell my work worldwide and it is appreciated, I am really very grateful to everyone for this.

Favorite model (Lego): Imperial Shuttle 10212

Favorite MOC: Anio’s Venator

Sebastian Neuß

I am Sebastian Neuß, founder of BRICK MOON. After 20 years of working as a manager in the music business, I wanted to forge a new path and in 2018 I founded BRICK MOON, a company that specializes in assembling MOC kits from LEGO bricks. Hand-selected, sorted and packed, this is how the finished kit comes to my customers. Today I deliver to more than 35 countries worldwide, many of my customers are established customers and we are in active exchange. Personal service is very important for me, because a MOC is not a mass product, it is always something special. With Stefan Fischer and Tobias Nieder, I had the idea for “The Brick Collective” in December 2020. We wanted to create a platform that offers room for special MOCs and on which all components are available, whether it’s instructions, stickers, or a complete package provided by me.

Favorite MOC: Cavegod’s Sandcrawler

Tobias Nieder aka BrickBob

I am Tobias Nieder, and I belong to the founding team of “The Brick-Collective”. Under the alias “BrickBob” I design building brick models and I create instructions for other designers. Lego has accompanied me since childhood and the old UCS-Wing belonged to the last models that I got fo Christmas. After that, I (stupidly) took a break from lego for a few years, until in 2015 I started again as a balance to the engineering studies and I was directly addicted to it once again. I decided to only collect Star Wars models in order to save some money, you can surely understand that. Otherwise, I’m a big fan of Lego®-Technic and space models.

I designed my first MOC (BB-01) in 2019 when I wanted to rebrick the UCS AT-ST and I noticed that there was quite a bit of space inside. Afterwards, I put it to rest for some time (because I didn’t have the confidence for bigger models). At the beginning of 2020, I wanted to build mortevs’ famous Nebulon B and I first tried to build it digitally. Somehow I started changing more and more until the new strongly modified version was born. Encouraged by the positive reaction to my work and especially the instructions, not least to a great extent by Sebastian and my first test builder Sven (thanks a lot, by the way), I dared to build more models. In the meantime, I have successfully completed my Mechanical Engineering Diploma, and I have the honor of producing the instructions for Cavegod’s AT-M6, thanks to Sebastian.

It is a great feeling to see a finished model after spending hours constructing it and thinking about how to best represent the steps. I design everything digitally, and I think about the construction stages in my head, my studies help me immensely with this. An independent test builder then tries to really build the model for the first time with the prototype instructions. Afterwards, I update necessary changes and I finish the design process based on the subsequent joint discussion with the test builder. Almost half of the design time goes into the manual itself. I want to associate my artist name “BrickBob” with high-quality and professional instructions that are absolutely worth the money.

With Brick-Collective I want to contribute to the MOC scene. The most important thing for me is fairness towards the designer because he/she does hard work that hardly differs from the work of an engineer in industry.

Favorite model (Lego): Millennium Falcon, Mos Eisley Cantina

Favorite MOC: K-Project (Mirko Soppelsa)

Subject area: Star Wars