FAQ - Frequently asked questions

What does "suitable for surface...." mean?

Display stickers for MOCs or the like have a specified size. This size is generally indicated in the number of studs uf a brick. For example: "suitable for size 8x16" means that the sticker fits on a 8x16 tile as shown in the picture.

Why can I order some kits from BRICK MOON only on request?

BRICK MOON individually puts together larger kits for the customer only after the order has been placed, as expenditures have to be made in advance for the pieces. This may result in fluctuations in delivery times (within the specified range), which will directly be agreed upon with the customer.

What does "Minifig scale" or "UCS-scale" mean?

Models can be built in different scales. The scale represents the ratio of the model size to the actual size. "Minifig scale" is the scale that a model should have, if a minifigure is to be perceived as an (average) human being. The scale generally amounts to about 1:42. Here you can see how it is calculated exactly. UCS-scale isn't a fixed scale in this sense, it can best be described as "big and detailed", no particular scale was chosen.

How do I organize building bricks?

There are several possibilities to organize the necessary bricks. Firstly, you can search your own stock. Then, there is the possibility to order bricks from Bricklink (or similar portals). Here you can find out how to do this. The last possibility is a building kit from BRICK MOON. For most of the instructions offered on this website, there is a fitting set from BRICK MOON. Here is the request form for those kits.

How do the stated estimated prices for the parts come about?

A combination of average prices for the parts and of the analysis of the “Buy all” as well as the “Easy buy” function by Bricklink is used for the estimations. Please consider that the prices for parts may fluctuate and that we can’t make an exact statement at any point in time. For this reason, we always indicate on which day we tested the estimated prices. We attempt to update the indicated prices regularly.

Are all models buildable?

Yes, our test-builders or we build and check all models beforehand. We have defined in-house standards for our instructions, and we try to fulfill them as well as possible. If you still find a mistake in one of the instructions, please inform us directly over the contact form and indicate the model and version of instruction (last instruction page). Thank you!

What do the difficulty specifications mean?

Since we are talking about so-called MOCs (My Own Creation), the models are marked with different difficulty levels:
Regular - corresponds more or less to a (UCS) Lego®-Set.
Difficult - a demanding challenge.
Expert - Those models are very difficult to build, demanding techniques on the mind and fingers (possibly involves some swearing).

Why do some of the BRICK MOON kits have such a long delivery time?

BRICK MOON pre-packs the kits for you, which is easier and therefore faster with smaller kits. Bigger sets with rare parts accordingly take a little longer. BRICK MOON is constantly working to improve delivery times.