Order from Bricklink

This page describes how to get building bricks.

There are basically two options:

  • 1. Search your own stock
  • 2. Order from a online platform

The first point is self-explanatory, but almost nobody has all necessary parts at home. But there is still the second option.

There are several possibilities to get bricks via the internet. You can for example order them from an online store that specializes in building bricks (like Flix-Brix), you can search for the parts numbers or shapes yourself or you could use platforms like BrickLink or BrickOwl.

This tutorial is about BrickLink, but Brickwl works similarly. BrickLink is a platform for vendors and buyers of Lego® parts from all over the world. The necessary registration (as buyer) is free of charge. The so-called “WantedLists” are a big advantage when it comes to collecting bricks for a MOC. Your desired parts are on those lists. By clicking a button, the complete list can be purchased in one go. You can create a WantedList manually or easily by uploading an existing parts list. Every instruction you get from us comes with a parts list. We prefer the data format “.bsx” for the parts lists. In the upper bar there is the menu item “Upload” for this purpose, where you can upload a “.bsx” file by means of drag & drop. In the dropdown menu you can choose the option “New Wanted List” and assign any name to it. BrickLink then checks the parts from your uploaded list and by clicking on “Apply” the Wanted List is finally created.

Now the parts are on your WantedList and you can take a look at them. The list contains a progress bar, that indicates the percentage of the parts already owned. There is also the “Buy all” button for buying all the parts and a table showing the individual parts and the most important columns: quantity and condition (new, used, any). (new, used, any). The number is split: at the top is the required number (Want), below is the number already in possession (Have). Those numbers can be edited manually by clicking the “Have” field. Don’t forget to save it afterwards!

Clicking “Buy all” takes you to the actual purchase of the parts. BrickLink automatically lists shops that offer the wanted parts. When you click on “Auto-select” BrickLink automatically searches for the best combination of shops in order to reach 100 % of the WantedList. Those shops are shown at the top. By clicking on “Create carts” you create the shopping carts, then, via “Checkout”, you will directly be forwarded to the shop-website in order to complete the purchase.

A few more notes on this:

  • – Be careful when ordering from abroad, custom duties may apply, that will be added to the price.
  • – Be careful with shipping costs, shops from the Netherlands for example mostly charge high shipping costs (to Germany) just like shops from overseas.
  • – Most distributors offer Paypal as a payment method.
  • – Be sure to check the parts when they arrive, especially with large orders errors can occur.
  • – We also recommend counting the parts. Nothing is more annoying than when you discover during construction that you don’t have all the parts.

This concludes the tutorial. Needless to say that BrickLink offers further possibilities, but this should be enough to begin with :-). BrickLink and BrickOwl have very good documentation in different languages, which do not require prior registration.

If all this is too complicated for you, then there are still kits from BRICK MOON. You receive a package with all necessary Lego® parts for a specified MOC, presorted, checked and ready for building. You can request a BRICK MOON kit with this form.