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Here you find big and great models that have been created for real building brick fans.

You can get instructions (with parts lists, of course) for selected MOCs from well-known designers. We put all instructions through their paces, they are 100 % buildable. Our thorough instructions are appealing and well understandable. In our sticker collection, you can find matching stickers for all the respective models. Stefan Fischer creates and produces them. The stock is constantly increasing, hereyou can take a look at all products.

"Do or do not. There is no try"

You don’t want to have to worry about anything? Hassle-free parts orders? Just start building and not be concerned about completeness? In this case, a BRICK MOON building kit with parts, stickers and (if necessary) with instructions is just right for you. You will find a corresponding request form, if available, with the respective model. Sebastian Neuß is looking forward to putting together a package for you, of course using only original LEGO® parts and 90% new parts.

Lots of fun with your new models from

  • Sebastian Neuß (BRICK MOON)
  • Stefan Fischer (Custom Stickers Germany)
  • Tobias Nieder (BrickBob)

You can find instructions with parts lists for selected MOCs from well-known designers on our website. Fittingly, we also have a matching sticker directly from our large sticker collection of Stefan.

You can get the all-inclusive carefree package in the form of a BRICK-MOON kit. BRICK MOON kits are composed of original LEGO® parts and of 90% new parts.

Just take a look at our info section if you want to know more about “The Brick Collective”.

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